Lucky Land

The cultural memory is reshaped by our constant mutation and migration. Are we the product of our genetic heritage, or of the relocated experiences? And what will be left of our own cultural memory, what will be inherited of our transposed experience? It is in the face of this existential dilemma that the project develops its visual form and its semiotic language. The Melbourne periphery, its faces, its spaces, its icons and the persistent romantic notion of Australia as the lucky land, seems to have shaped the character of a culture that expresses the multiple facets of an emotional, social and cultural system of symbols. Borrowing from this the reality is re-narrated in a quasi cinematic form. The subject is somehow re-contextualized by the photographer’s own projection. This new interpretation may suggest a reading that is at times ironic, humorous or critical, at times realistic, absurd and fictional. This suburban culture is composed of faces, places and objects that with their stories and their daily routine invite us inside a world of spontaneity and simplicity, which may reflect the viewers own memories.

Images © Maurizio Salvati 2014